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From: lee robbins
Subject: Experimentation 1Usual warnings, please don't read if you are underage, or if you get upset
by MF/MM/MMF sex, if you do then you really shouldn't be on this site!This is written as if I was someone else, the person described is not me,
or anyone that exists, should there be any coincidental matches to any real
people then it is purely that -- a coincidence.Comments/suggestions to
Chapter 1Who am I? Well my name is Matt, I am 17 and live in England, I'm not going
to say lolita bbs video samples where, it isn't really important to be honest!I'm quite short, 5ft 6ish, but I weigh about 7stone, which is nothing
really. I am slim, my body is good, flat stomach with the hint of a 6 pack,
I am an Emo, I have dark hair which the fringe goes over my right eye down
below my ear, the back of my hair is all spiked up and is red.OK I have been told I am fit, by boys and girls. There is nothing I can do
about it, I am good looking, I'm not conceited about it, but when you get
told it a lot you begin to believe it. My body is good, I'm lucky I don't
really have to do anything for it, I don't play sports I don't go to the
gym, admittedly I don't eat a lot, but when I do I eat the good things, I
don't do junk food. My body is slim, toned, my legs are shaped from walking
everywhere, my ass is pert and full, girls like giving it a squeeze!I'm straight, for the moment anyways, as I describe what has happened to me
over the last few weeks you might have your doubts about it, I have my
doubts about it as I think of it.So where to start I guess. I have a girlfriend, she is hot, and the same
age as me, she is slim, sexy, nice tits. I took her virginity, and she
mine, about a month ago, and since then we haven't been able to get enough
of each other, the feel of her body against mine and how warm she is to be
inside of, and how good that can feel drives me insane.I have to admit, I'm not the most well endowed guy in the world, only about
5", this is free home lolitas galleries a real story -- I don't have a 9" cock with balls the size of
eggs, come on who does? Its not that large, but it brings me endless
amounts of pleasure and my girlfriend seems to like it, possibly cos I am
her first and she wud have been tight anyway, so anything feels good then I
guess, but I don't care, not a lot I can do about it bar use what I have!We struggle to have sex once a day, only because of finding somewhere to do
it, I have to get off at least twice a young top lolita top day just because otherwise I'd be
hard all the time, but when we do find a place its explosive, and as of
last weekend her parents went away, meaning we were alone in her home in
her bed together -- for as long as we wanted.We took full advantage of it, as any teenagers would! We fucked, me on top,
her on top, doggy, standing up, in the shower. Everywhere we could, anytime
we were horny, the sex was good. She slid her lips up and down my cock
countless times and I flooded her mouth over and over, for a little guy I
did cum hard, produced loads of it, again I don't have massive egg sized
balls but my load is always big, enough to fill her whole mouth anyway, and
maybe a bit more if I was extra horny that day!So anyway, we were there the 3rd afternoon that her parents were gone, I
was sat up in bed, my knees up slightly, naked, watching and feeling her
slide her lips up and down my cock, I was watching my entire 5" just being
engulfed by her mouth, I guess the good thing about having a smaller cock
is that it was swallowed easier, and I bikini 14y o lolita always had the whole thing in her
mouth. She was doing a good job as usual, pushing the foreskin back with
her tongue, running that tongue all over the head and slowly moving down
the shaft till it was all in her mouth.Up and down, up and down, god it was feeling good. She then just started
licking the shaft up and down, down to my balls, she licked and sucked them
into her mouth, oh this was new and felt great, she just rolled them in her
mouth, sucked and pulled on them. I was moaning from the assault she was
performing on my balls.This was different I was thinking, and feelin great. She kept going on my
balls and pushed my legs back so my knees were on my chest, she moved lower
behind my balls, licking and sucking as she went, god this was feelin
good. Then she did it, her tongue swiped against my asshole, I let out a
groan and a moan and pushed my ass into her face a bit. It was an amazing
feeling, her tongue dancing around my hole, pushing into it till it opened
up a bit. She licked a spat in my hole making he feel amazing. She then
swirled a finger around the hole and then all of a sudden I felt a bit of
pain and my hole being opened up and I guess she was pushing her finger naked preteen lolita nymphets in,
it didn't really hurt much, but was an interesting feeling. She moved the
finger in and out of me, then I felt my hole being stretched a bit more,
guessing a second finger was now inside me. Again no real pain, just
full. She moved the fingers in and out, until she hit something inside me,
I just let out a moan and it made me arch my back a bit and sent a shiver
up me. What the hell had she found in me, she kept hitting it, over and
over, my body was going into overdrive, my cock was rock hard and I could
feel my balls starting to tighten up, oh my god I was going to cum and she
wasn't even touching my dick.She kept pushing against that spot in me, I found myself pushing back down
as she pulled her fingers out -- we pushed towards each other, I was
wanting this to happen to me. All of a sudden I was pushed over the edge,
my cock exploded and I sprayed cum all over my slim body. I was panting
like a dog, Jesus that was an amazing cum, I was still hard and her fingers
were still inside me. "Wow" was all she said to me.Anyway I had to get my own back, I turned her over and put on a condom and
slipped straight inside her, I fucked her hard, as hard as lolita child naked model she had played
with my hole, until she reached her orgasm, and I reached my second.That was it for that afternoon, we still had the rest of the evening

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